At Rethato Records we put our artists first, invest in the each and every piece of work that they work on. Rethato, directly translated says " We are love" meaning that we love and care about everyone we work with. If you want a partner and not an organization that will dictate what and when you should do things regarding your career then we are the team to partner with.
The founder of Rethato, Pusetso "P-Money" Motaung, has been in love with music for may years and in 2016 after seeing a growing need of young up-coming artist who needed a platform to showcase their talents and expand their musical reach that is when he decided to start the label which is known as Rethato Records. The record started and still operates in Midrand and our wish is to grow and help many more up-coming artist.
As young as we are we have shown great traction by working with artists such as Tapia Da Young a.k.a TDY, 808 SaVage and Riley Rams. We have also partnered with many local establishments to grow awareness and exposure. We aim to grow our reach and educate young artists about the business side of music, because a lot of young people only view music in terms of entertainment but forgetting that one can earn a living and also have an impact in the community, not only there but the world as a whole.

These are our Fantastic skills

If you have good vocal chords, are a wordsmith or even just a power house of musical genius then we are just the right people to to partner with. Our production house - Bando Productions - has some of the best skilled people around, with skills such as the ones below:

The Skills we have

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Imagine you and your talent in and around a company of creatives working on one goal and that is to create something that will be so influencial that it will out live you, well you can stop imagining because at Rethato Records that's just what we are about. Give us a call

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